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About Peabody Notecards

We use OCR algorithms to automate the digitizing process of catalog cards.

Step 1

To input a new card, simply click the add button on the navbar. You can view it by first searching by string in every field, only in accession number, or by date updated. Then, click the "view" button on the right of the table.

Step 2

Make sure you find the card you created and edit it so that the text is correct. Our computer vision algorithms are constantly improving! Refresh the query results by requerying, and if search is not working, the query request is too large, and narrow it by accession number.

Step 3

For Peabody staff with access to the PastPerfect database, click the "Download Entire CSV" button or "Download Query Results" buttons to download the whole database or query of the current database respectively.